Activities of Association

Lithuanian Electricity Association (the “Association”) is a voluntary organization of 45 electricity production, transmission, distribution, energy supply companies, construction organizations and other associated power structures as well as individual economic operators involved in energy production, supply and power facilities design activities, which represents and defends their interests.
The Association is an autonomous, professional, independent (including independence from the state and governmental institutions, non-profit organization that is not funded by the state. It participates in the preparation of laws and secondary legislation of the Republic of Lithuania on the electricity sector development and governance issues, examines the issues relating to the activities of members of the Association, prepares and implements the sector-specific programs. Establishes and develops economic-technical cooperation with international organizations and individual foreign partners. Provides the Association members with the information support on electricity production and supply subjects, consults on business and management issues. Arranges exhibitions, conferences, seminars, market surveys and public opinion polls. Represents the interests of its members in the sphere of employment. The activities of the Association are based on the principles of publicity, equality of all its members, democratic forms of governance.

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